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Deck Furniture

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Deck Furniture

Deck FurnitureDeck furniture is both decorative and practical. It is a great way to fill the empty space on a deck while providing a place for people to sit back, relax and enjoy each other's company. Deck furniture comes in a large selection of designs from classic wood pieces to more modern decor. Select from tables, benches, chairs, dining sets, loveseats, rocking chairs, umbrellas, etc. If you can think of it, you'll probably be able to find it.

The furniture comes in a wide variety of materials such as wood, teak, metal, wrought iron, wicker, plastic, and resin. Choose from a large selection of colors and rich wood stains. If you can't decide between the variety of materials then here's what you need to know.

Wood – It has been used for furniture building for centuries because of its beauty and sturdy nature. There are many different types of wood to choose from. Cedar, pine, oak, and teak are the most popular. Cedar and teak are both extremely resistant to mold and mildew; the natural oils in teak in particular are extremely water resistant. This means that you can leave the furniture out year round with minimal maintenance and it will always look good and will age naturally and beautifully. The beautiful color of pine and oak make it an attractive choice and both look great in their natural colors or even better with a wood stain which these two types of wood absorb well.

Metal and wrought iron – These materials are durable which means furniture made of them will last a long time. One downside however is rust, which will develop over time.

Wicker – Wicker furniture is quaint and generally more affordable then other types of materials. However it does not withstand the weather well and over time new pieces will most certainly need to be purchased if not taken care of or brought indoors during winter months.

Plastic - Plastic furniture is durable, affordable and stains rinse right off. They're not nearly as beautiful as wood pieces but they're extremely practical.

Resin – If you’re an environmentally conscious consumer then resin is the choice for you. Since it’s made from recycled plastic it’s tough as nails, which allows for plenty of daily use and abuse for many years.

Once you’ve chosen the type of furniture you want you’ll need to consider other things. If you're going for comfort and not just looks then you'll absolutely want to purchase cushions. These too are available in thousands of different colors and prints. Another great way to add a splash of color and create much needed shape in the summer is with an umbrella.

The great thing about deck furniture is that there is such a large selection from stores to online shopping. So you’re sure to find furniture that you’ll love that’s in your price range. So if you shop around and take your time selecting the furniture that is right for your deck then you’ll have a stylish extension of your home that is as comfortable and enjoyable as it is good-looking.


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